I Love To Be Pampered!

I am a well loved pooch who has a loving family, even spoils me.

So unless I am naughty, I live a very easy life, I get fed and taken out for walks.

But my fur grows so quickly, it covers my eyes then I cannot see, worse still my private parts get in the way of other essential matters. As for my body, needs brushing, which I complain loudly, I dont like it when my owners hack the matted bits off, it makes me looks silly.

Seriouly, I need at rollover beethoven, dog grooming boutique, where I am looked after with fresh water and lots of attention. I need to be pampered in the style I am used to, so as when I go for a walk I am greatly admired!

What do you think, What package can you offer?

A warm hydro bath with a herbal shampoo including a warm blow dry, brushing out all my tangles, clipping my nails and a professional clip to my fur, not too short that I would feel the cold in the winter months, but short enough to make me look really beautiful. I might need a bling collar, so all can admire me!

Will You Make An Appointment Please, We Will Call:

03 9859 0999