Tricia’s thoughts on Coconut Oil for Dogs

As a Dog Groomer Owner, I am often asked by clients what to use for lots of different ailments. My first call is always check with the breeder or vet. My advice to the owner is try simple solutions to alleviate dogs issue first, like dry paws, itching skin, raw sores (not infected) licking feet or chewing feet. Dogs like salt so they often lick or chew to get that taste and then unfortunately it becomes a habit.

I suggest to use coconut oil on the feet and or paws at night, which is when they mostly do this,.

If time permits do it nightly to see if it makes a difference or twice a week and then if it improves once a week should be enough. Even try to put a spoon of coconut oil in their food.

The next most popular solution for coconut oil is cleaning ears as a preventative form to stop recurrence of red inflamed ears. Some breeds are more prone to ear problems than others, so try cleaning a small amount of coconut oil again at night is best. Just use a cotton ball with coconut oil.

If dogs scratch a lot it’s a clear indication that they are sensitive and can lead to raw skin so again use coconut oil both in their food and a little on their sore spots. I do suggest if you wash your dog at home use a diluted shampoo not full strength and rinse twice. ( not dishwashing liquid or commercial soaps please.)

Lastly as a cleaning solution to dog’s teeth, coconut oil in their food or given orally will kill some of the germs if the teeth are not too far gone with tartare or plaque. You can mix coconut oil and baking soda with a drop of peppermint oil and try brushing with this but I do suggest you try our service here at the grooming salon once a month by AUSTRALIAN ANIMAL ORAL CARE with sedation free teeth cleaning. Give us a call and we can set up an appointment to have a free check-up and then decide.

I’m sure there any many more uses for Coconut Oil but I have just mentioned the most obvious