Puppy Care

In my experience Puppy Care needs to be explained in detail. Owners are so in love with their new puppy that they shower it with love and affection (good) and forget some of the principles.

1. They are dogs not humans, needing food water exercise vet care and when old enough grooming

Social interaction shouldn’t begin before 3 months and after last injections have concluded.

2. Puppies don’t need a bath every week, as first thought, once a month is fine, allowing the oil in the coat to keep it lubricated. Sometimes they soil their bottoms and so need a gentle clean up. If you decide to shampoo your puppy, dilute it to a 5 to 1 ratio so as you can rinse out all the soap (important). We prefer Oatmeal or Aloe Vera type shampoos as they are pure, coconut is all good.

3. Brushing is necessary if their coat is long and soft, brush the wrong way at first then the length of the body next then legs and last face and tail. Give treats and use a soft voice so the puppy learns this is good attention and a positive experience. If too nervous or jumpy put a lead not a collar to keep steady. Talk to your groomer about special detangling products that really help this process.

If the nails are too long and you have your own nail clippers then just take the tiny tips off.

4. Food and water basics: most breeders will give advice on what’s best for your breed. Clean water always available.

5. Exercise: From the beginning take your puppy outside (safe place preferred) back yard or front yard is good but keep away from other animals at this stage. Always walk with the lead and walk slowly at first, stopping every few minutes, stand still no talking so as the puppy knows to follow your signals, hand or foot. Give small treats when obeyed. Talking signals come later.

I hope this short article helps, any feedback welcome.


Tricia Bartlett (Owner)