Our Mission Statement To Our Clients And Their Dogs

A safe and caring environment with a holistic approach for both dogs and their owners.

If a dog is sick and needs attention we would always recommend the owner seeks professional vet advice.

All of our services, use herbal shampoo and conditioner which contains no sulfate. Just like our human friends, the most natural approach is our advice.

We provide “Natural Solutions”, with supplements, skincare, joint & mobility, eye & ear care and flea treatments for dogs special needs.

All of these natural treatments are made from botanical sources. With treatments, prevention, maintenance & cleaning solutions being the focus and in keeping with our caring environment.

Common ailments include: red or weepy eyes & itchy ears, warts on older dogs, itchy or sensitive skin, arthritis in the joints leaving the dog unable to walk or stand. We endeavour to ensure that a dog with these issues is comfortable at all times, and treated with empathy.