Winter Grooming


We find that dogs are generally more knotted or matted in the colder months due to their owners feeling they might get cold if groomed.

We recommend regular bathing and brushing to eliminate the tangles early.

When dogs have reached the matted stage it is too late for a short clip which often disappoints the owner. Prevention is the answer, brush dogs at home on a regular basis, especially if the dog wears a jumper to keep warm, which we recommend, but dogs will require more brushing.

Terminology regularly used by Rollover Beethoven staff, is a winter clip, which is longer in length than a summer clip. Our  professional groomers use long combs to achieve this groom.

We suggest that owners of dogs who are prone to matts purchase the Magictails Shine Serum or Spray Shine from the salon.  This product should be used as part of your dogs regular at home grooming routine. The product assists in keeping the coat healthy, easy to brush, shiny and matt free!

Doggie jama’s are another solution to keep your dog warm, even inside the home. These come in a variety of colours and can be machine washed. Raincoats are recommended for melbourne’s winter and summer. Both of these items can be purchased from the salon.